Bison Hides

Most of the Bison Hides we work with at Manitoba Buckskin are turned into Buffalo Robes: Full hides with good winter wool.   Most of the bison we work with are 3 yr. old ranch animals, raised in Manitoba and grass fed in pasture.  The hides we receive in the coldest winter months with the best winter wool are used for the Robes. The fur covers the whole animal, with a thick coat of wool under the guard hairs.  The price for buffalo robes is generally $800. depending on size and quality. The buffalo robes are softened and stretched on one side only, so while we make every effort to soften the hide as much as possible, these usually end up a little stiffer than leather.  The finished robe is smoked on the skin side, any holes are sewn closed, and the fur is cleaned and brushed thoroughly.  We make bison hide buckskin leather by custom order only. We often have remnants or smaller pieces available as well, contact for availability. 

river bison              bison on frame      

bison robe              bison robe back              

Summer hides are turned to rawhide. These rawhide can be variable in thickness depending on the size and gender of the animal.  Some bison rawhide are thin on the sides, and are very good for hand drums. Some of the bulls and older animals with heavy hides are very well suited for the big drums.  These rawhide are all natural, and range from $300 - $400.  When we get big bulls, a few times each year, the skulls are cleaned and preserved. Bison bull skulls: $150. - $200

bison skull 2big drum